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HR life after government changes:

Understanding new employment law and regulations

Angela Clay
Angela Clay, Managing Director

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What to expect in this 1 hour webinar

Are you prepared for the potential shifts in employment laws with the upcoming government changes? In this insightful webinar, we'll cover the proposed employment law changes and their potential impact on your business.

Our expert Angela Clay will guide you through:

  • An overview of the proposed employment law changes.
  • The implications of these changes on SMEs.
  • Practical strategies to adapt and comply with new regulations.


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Essential Steps You Need to action NOW

After this webinar, you will walk away with 7 essential tips and actions that you can implement right now to prepare your business for these changes. These actionable insights will help you:

  1. Audit Employment Contracts and policies: Make necessary adjustments to employee agreements.
  2. Understand the importance of Performance Review process: Ensure it is robust, incorporating clear criteria, regular feedback, and actionable improvement plans.
  3. Review the Recruitment Process: Ensure it is robust, incorporating clear job descriptions, effective interview techniques, and thorough candidate assessments.
  4. Monitor Pay Gap Reporting: Ensure comprehensive tracking and analysis of ethnic and disability pay gaps, incorporating regular reviews and transparent reporting to address and reduce disparities.
  5. Review Insurance Cover: Ensure comprehensive assessment and evaluation of current insurance policies, identifying any gaps and making necessary adjustments to provide adequate protection for all assets and liabilities.
  6. Mitigate Tribunal Loss: Develop a strategic response plan, including thorough documentation, legal consultation, and proactive settlement negotiations to minimise financial and reputational damage.
  7. Address Dismissal and Re-Engagement Plans: Take immediate action on pending plans to dismiss and re-engage employees.


I cannot recommend HR:4UK enough... we are a small business, and the support they have offered when required is second to none. Add to this the easy staff contracts, online employee handbook, plus the employee benefits scheme, and the overall package is perfect for our company for a genuinely surprising low price each month

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Employment law is a minefield; one false move and you really can be in big trouble. Trusting your own judgement may not be the best way. I had a very tricky situation which HR:4UK helped me to defuse like an unexploded bomb. Great to know I've got an expert to call on.

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May I take this opportunity to thank you for your service to me at Supersales for the many years we have been together. Not, perhaps, 40 years but from the start of you looking after my small payroll, staff contracts and all the employment legislation that has changed in those years. I can remember breathing a sigh of relief having relinquished my old manual PAYE system to you and not having to worry about keeping up to date or navigate all the changes to employment contracts - you were there to do it for me.


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