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eConnect in action – how our employee management system helped a London charity

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We all know that managing employee administration can be tedious and time‐consuming, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Brixton based charity, Young Lambeth Co-op, is one of the many UK businesses and organisations to benefit from eConnect – HR:4UK’s efficient and effective cloud-based employee management system.

Adopting e-Connect, has said the charity, brought many advantages – not just in terms of reducing its administrative burden but also regarding its legal compliance.

Young Lambeth Co-op CEO Ellie Johnson said: “Before we started using eConnect our staff records and policy documents were kept in a physical shared folder. It’s so much easier now that all this information is readily accessible in one safe, central place online.

“It has helped us to archive everything securely, and our office manager uses eConnect all the time for employee records such as sick pay and holidays.  

“The system is also really helpful in that it automatically updates when any legislative changes come in, so we know we are always legally compliant.”

eConnect is just one of the valuable HR services provided by HR:4UK to Young Lambeth Co-op, a charity involved in youth engagement throughout the Lambeth area.

Ellie added: “We have had several personnel issues, and as a small charity, we haven’t got our own HR department.  Vanessa Monroy, HR:4UK’s director of HR/Operations, has been great. Vanessa has got us organised and provides us with all our HR support and guidance.”

Whether you’re a charitable organisation with a small team of people like Young Lambeth Co-op, or a large business with hundreds of employees, eConnect can assist you.

Proven to cut the time spent on HR admin by 80%, it will safely and securely manage all your HR and employee documentation – allowing you more time to focus on running your business.

eConnect will also automatically update contracts and handbooks to meet changes in the law, create an audit trail for your employee documentation and communications and generate alerts and reminders.

The staff handbook holds information on everything from sickness absence, grievance procedure and Working Time Regulations policy through to holidays, the company’s employee benefits scheme and rights to flexible working etc.

Your employees can also log into the Employment Handbook for tasks such as updating their personal information, checking their employment contract, requesting or viewing their absence record and downloading company forms.

Most convenient of all, eConnect can be viewed on the move, too, via a mobile phone or tablet, so the system is always easily accessible.

This means staff can, for example, see how much annual leave they have left and check their employer’s policies, while they are out of the office. Staff who are less confident with technology also find the system simple and logical to navigate, and they’re able to print off the information if they would rather see a hard copy.

Straightforward, time-saving, consistently compliant and cost-effective, eConnect provides a one-stop shop for all your HR policies procedures and paperwork.

To learn more about what eConnect can do for your business or organisation, contact us today on 01455 444222 or email [email protected]

Angela Clay

A qualified employment law solicitor and our managing director, Angela has unparalleled legal expertise and decades of experience and knowledge to draw from. She’s a passionate speaker and writer that loves to keep employers updated with upcoming changes to legislation, and is a regular guest speaker on BBC Leicester Radio.