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Employee Handbooks

Employment Handbooks are a vital part of employing staff.  As your employees are your greatest asset, they should be clear on how the business operates.  The handbook will outline all your policies and procedures, any benefits they are entitled to and often included their contract of employment, so everything they need to know about working for your business.

At HR:4UK, we understand and value the importance of a robust handbook. That’s why, as part of our ongoing HR Support subscription service, we provide cloud-based employee handbooks to guarantee that your documentation is always safe, protected, legally compliant and kept up-to-date.

Within a Company handbook, the minimum statutory requirements can always be supplemented by including additional bespoke Company policies and procedures that are specific, relevant and important for your business.

Because our handbooks are cloud based, we can update them to automatically fall in line with any changes to legislation. This will ensure that your business remains well ahead of the curve. Indeed, HR:4UK are pioneers in this regard: we were the first business in the country to provide this type of service and continually strive to improve it.

Online Employment Handbooks

As well as those previously mentioned, cloud-based, online handbooks have many advantages compared to their written counterparts, one of which is helping the environment by removing the cumbersome administrative burden of manual paperwork. No more printing and carrying around folders of policies and forms.

Another is that your employees can access it whenever and wherever they want to by simply logging on to our online portal, even from their phone.  If you have access to the absence management tool, they can request annual leave at any time, 24/7.

Key Features:

  • 100% legal compliance 100% of the time
  • Easily accessible from web-enabled smartphone and tablet devices
  • Paperless, eco-friendly and storage-free
  • Always available
  • Effortlessly customisable/branded/personalised

As a key aspect of our continual HR Support subscription service, our employment handbook is the best in the business. To find out more about how our online handbook can help your business, or to ask about HR support, why not get in touch with our professional team of dedicated, expert advisors today on 01455 444 222 or email [email protected].

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