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Tax Paid Gift Cards

Boost Employee Morale with HR:4UK’s Tax Paid Gift Cards

Elevate Employee Morale with HR:4UK’s Tax Paid Gift Card: The Number One in Gift Cards for Employees!

At HR:4UK, we understand that the smallest gestures can make the most significant impact. A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to your hardworking employees isn’t just words; it’s a ripple of positivity that boosts morale, encourages employees and fosters a culture of recognition.

Research has consistently shown that when employees feel valued for their hard work, they’re more motivated and productive, and feel confident in their jobs. In fact, 81% of employees are driven to work harder when they feel appreciated. We think we have an excellent way to do it: staff vouchers that reward employees like never before.

🌟 Why HR:4UK’s Tax Paid Employee Gift Cards are the Perfect Choice:

Boost Staff Recognition & Appreciation: Gift your employees a token of your gratitude and watch the magic of appreciation elevate morale and dedication.

Savings for Your Business: Our HM Revenue & Customs registered scheme guarantees employers at least a 15% savings on the cost. (Savings may vary depending on other employee benefits such as workplace pensions.)

Hassle-Free Process: Say goodbye to complex tax return paperwork. We handle it all for you, ensuring everything is accounted for – from the basic rate tax to N.I.

Flexibility in Gifting: Whether it’s a generous amount or a small token of appreciation, our gift cards cater to all.

✨ Why Our Digital Gift Cards Stand Out:

Loaded with 60 digital vouchers redeemable at a range of major high-street and online retailers, from Amazon to your cherished coffee shop, our staff vouchers are usable at top brands and other carefully selected companies across the country.

And it’s more than just retailers! Convert it into a pre-paid MasterCard for international usage; choose between a physical or digital version: the choice is yours. Whatever you need, it’s the perfect gift card for your staff.

You can even plan a sun-soaked vacation with holiday vouchers valued up to £1,000 cash.

What’s more, you can enjoy a generous two-year expiry and never worry about lost or misplaced codes – we’ll replace them.

Celebrate the Achievements of staff and Reward Employees:

Ordering is a Breeze: Our gift vouchers are easy to get: to ensure your employees feel like a treasured member of the team this festive season, get in touch with the HR:4UK team now. Call us at 01455 444 222 or email [email protected].

For a swift response, complete the online order form below, and we’ll be with you within 24 working hours. For a detailed understanding of our Tax Paid Gift Card Scheme and the guaranteed savings, please explore our Terms of Business below.

Terms of Business

Please read the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) carefully. By purchasing HR:4UK Tax Paid Gift Cards, you agree to be bound by these Terms

  1. Company Details: HR4UK.com Limited (HR:4UK) is a limited company with company registration number 1804171 which operates from our registered offices in Hinckley, Florence House, St Mary’s Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1EQ.
  2. Scheme Details: HR:4UK’s Tax Paid Gift Cards are provided to you under our HMRC Tax Award Scheme with contract number 32597.
  3. Ordering Process: Cards are ordered through Fizz Rewards in accordance with their terms and conditions.
  4. Quotation Validity: Upon interest, a detailed quote will be sent to your registered email. This quote remains valid for 30 days.
  5. Payment Terms: After you formally accept the quote in writing, HR:4UK will generate an invoice. Payment is due immediately and can be made via Direct Debit, BACS transfer, credit card, or debit card.
  6. Card Delivery: Upon receipt of the full payment, HR:4UK will process your card order through HR:4UK’s Exclusive Reward Card
  7. Digital Cards: All issued employee gift cards are digital and will be delivered via email either to the Employer or the specified employees. They are NOT a physical gift card.
  8. Governing Law: Any disputes arising from these Terms will be governed by English law and will be adjudicated by English Courts.
  9. Card Usage: For logging into HR:4UK’s Reward Card click here. Notably, Amazon is a participating retailer under HR:4UK’s Reward Card scheme.
  10. Tax Implications: Please note that there is no tax or NI on cards up to £50.00 per person when given as a gift. Vouchers with a value of up to £50 that are given as a reward for work related performance are subject to tax and NI. The only exception being if the employee is under the threshold for paying tax or NI.

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