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Health & Safety

Health & Safety can be a veritable minefield! Allow us to take on the ever-changing difficulties of Health and Safety and we’ll safeguard both you and your business from the consequences of non-compliance. 

Fact: Did you know that if your business has more than five employees that you are legally obligated to have a health and safety policy? 

Regardless of whether you already have systems in place, or are tackling Health & Safety for the first time, we’re equipped to identify your requirements and offer an uncomplicated 3 step solution for optimal execution.

Step 1 – Preliminary Audit

Understanding your business and your existing Health & Safety measures is vital, hence, our first step involves conducting an initial audit, or ‘gap-analysis’, to identify and prioritise specific areas for improvement.

We typically visit your workplace, engage with your staff and delve deeply into your operations and culture. A thorough inspection of your premises and review of your documentation and processes are part of the process, and it’s equally important to understand your H&S objectives.

Step 2 – Audit Report

After identifying the strengths and weaknesses, our report outlines and prioritises our suggestions for improvement. We can also create a blueprint to address these issues.

You then have the choice to either tackle these issues yourself, or we’re perfectly content to offer additional assistance as needed.

Step 3 – Execution

We can offer the specific health and safety assistance your business requires on a continual basis.

As always, support is customised to suit your needs. We work collaboratively with your key team members to gain a thorough understanding of your operation, enabling us to implement a system of continuous improvement for the betterment of your business, your employees, and your customers.

Training and Policies

Not only do we offer the above process, but you can also buy the health and safety policies your business requires directly from us for a nominal fee. In addition, we also provide online training courses which are CIPD-certified to help you level up your employees. 

Get in touch with our dedicated team of experts today on 01455 444 222 or email [email protected] to find out more information. 

HR:4UK is HR that keeps businesses safe. 

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