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NFSP Postmaster HR

HR:4UK – Your Trusted Partner

HR:4UK have been supporting members of the National Federation of Subpostmasters (NFSP) for over two decades with employment advice for all federation members available free of charge as well as access to our standard contract and employment handbook.

We also offer our enhanced PostmasterHR service which is designed specifically for postmasters to assist with all HR matters. It is even endorsed, subsidised and recommended by the NFSP itself.

By choosing to upgrade to PostmasterHR, members gain full access to eConnect, our cloud-based employee management HR system. 

This incredible piece of kit allows postmasters to reduce their HR administration time by as much as 80%, as it generates all key employment documentation – with automatic updates in line with current legislation – to ensure that you always comply with statutory obligations and Post Office requirements. 

All of our contracts and handbooks include tailored post office and retail clauses as standard, and, what is more, we also provide the option of adding liability for losses within your contracts to further protect your business. 

Key Features of PostmasterHR

HR & Employment Support

HR:4UK’s enhanced service fully supports subpostmasters and their businesses with:

  • Provision of bespoke, legally compliant letters
  • Safely managing the individual employment issues arising in your business
  • Telephone advice and emailed responses
  • Providing you with clear guidance and written instructions to safely follow the agreed process
  • Progress checks – Ensuring that cases are progressing smoothly and any issues can be dealt with promptly and safely
  • Step-by-step advisor support – Very important during difficult processes such as TUPE, redundancy or variation of terms etc.
  • Managing staff costs – With wages one of the largest overheads for businesses, we will ensure that any employment decisions minimise the financial impact on your business

Full Access to eConnect

Our HR management software, eConnect, is the perfect way to save you time, money and endless paperwork! With it, you get the following benefits:

  • Contracts of Employment – legally compliant contracts available for employees to access from day one
  • Employment Handbook – comprehensive employment handbooks that contain all the key HR policies
  • HR Documentation – A huge range of ready-made letters and documents for all your HR needs
  • Always Online – accessible anywhere, any-time thanks to our cloud-based storage system
  • Paperless and mobile-friendly – no need for folders upon folders of paperwork, gain access to all the necessary details in one place
  • Secure and GDPR-compliant – With eConnect, you and your employees data is always protected
  • Contracts are signed electronically by employees
  • Postmaster-specific clauses – all contracts and handbooks include bespoke post office and retail clauses

With PostmasterHR, postmasters will also benefit from greater access to our team of HR advisors providing:

  • Clear, practical advice – to rapidly and safely guide you and your business decisions in the right direction and avoid costly risks
  • Over 25 years of subpostmaster experience – HR:4UK has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the specific needs of NFSP members, unlike any other HR provider

Absence Management (Optional)

We understand how difficult it can be to keep control of staff holidays and sick leave especially for postmasters who have more than one office or retail outlet to attend to. 

However, we have the perfect solution: our absence management system! This gives you total control of your employees through one place; no more holiday forms or wall planners needed. 

  • Accurately record all absence types, show holiday entitlements, holidays taken and holidays outstanding
  • 24/7, unlimited-online access
  • Staff can check their holidays and make requests anywhere, any time
  • Employees can cross-reference their absences with that of other staff to ensure that the business flows smoothly
  • The ability to view and export absence reports for auditing or other purposes
  • Only £25 per year!

To enrol with PostmasterHR service please just click the link below and complete the both the enrolment form and Direct Debit mandate:

PostmasterHR Enrolment Form

Or to get in touch with a member of our team, please call via the NFSP on 01273 452 324. 

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