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Disciplinary Hearings

There are times in which conflicts arise and emotions run high, and there are also times in which staff continue to do things that they are not supposed to. When informal measures have run their course and have failed to yield the results needed, the next route available to employers is the disciplinary one. 

A disciplinary hearing can be a difficult process for both the employee involved as well as the employer themselves. It is a situation fraught with risks, and may even result in claims being made against the business should the discussion go awry. 

Nowadays, many employees are well aware of their rights, and what’s said in the heat of the moment can lead to serious consequences. That is why when conducting a disciplinary hearing, it is crucial that you follow a fair and transparent process that removes emotions from the situation. 

At HR:4UK, we are experts in people management. We have dealt with many disciplinary hearings across almost four decades of experience, and as a result, we understand the pitfalls and potential problems involved. 

With our accomplished advice and guidance, we can assist you in navigating these challenging situations smoothly. We will ensure  we keep you compliant with the law and avoid damaging claims of unfair dismissal or discrimination. 

From careful preparation to specialist advice, we are on hand to help whenever you need it. Get in touch with our dedicated team of professional advisors on 01455 444 222 or email [email protected] today and we’ll help steady the ship, and have your business sailing for clearer shores. 

HR:4UK is HR for you, when you need it most.

Why Choose HR:4UK for Disciplinary Hearings?

  • Step-by-step guidance throughout the process
  • Decades of experience, unrivalled expertise
  • Minimised risk of being taken to tribunal or having costly claims 
  • Hundreds of happy clients and a proven track record

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