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ACAS Support

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) is an independent public body which receives funding from the government. They provide free advice to employers, employees and their representatives. 

They operate a conciliation service which acts as an intermediary between two parties, usually the employer and the employee, that aims to reach an agreement up to and during a tribunal claim. Ideally, a conciliation is intended to resolve any conflict before it reaches any tribunal. 

However, Acas are impartial, and are not able to take sides nor represent either side. They are also unable to advise you on the strength of your case, on whether or not to agree upon a settlement or what the likely outcome will be should it reach tribunal. 

But at HR:4UK, we can. We can help streamline the entire process, and make your life a lot easier with our guidance. We can offer advice in a range of areas from the best approach to take with your employees up to and including the structure and presentation of your case.

We understand the difficulties that businesses face when it comes to managing disputes between employers and employees, and how you can use Acas as an effective dispute resolution tool. Let our team help you, so that you can get a satisfactory outcome with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your business. 

Our aim is always for you to avoid a costly and disruptive employment tribunal hearing. As such, our professional team of experienced advisors is on hand to ensure that your case is properly presented and defended – our team have the right skills and knowledge to help you avoid the worst. 

Don’t take risks when it comes to resolving workplace disputes – get HR:4UK to help you every step of the way. Our team are ready and waiting to provide you with the best advice and guidance when it comes to dealing with Acas and other workplace issues. Contact us today to see how we can make a positive difference for your business. 

HR:4UK is HR for you, today. Call us now without delay. 

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