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Reward your staff all year round

Gift Card

The Tax Paid Gift Card scheme marketed last month proved once again to be a runaway success for our clients, who found it to be a fantastic way to reward their staff, with all the inconvenience and burden of dealing with the Inland Revenue, handled on their behalf by HR:4UK.

However it should not just be at Christmas time that you recognise and reward staff, as our Tax Paid Gift Cards are available throughout the year for you to motivate and incentivise your staff.

Just think about the type of situations where you may want to reward staff or teams to recognise the contribution that they have made to your business. Our Tax Paid Gift Cards can be used to reward:

• individuals or teams going that ‘extra mile’
• securing a large contract
• providing excellent customer service
• long service
• the celebration of the birth of a new child

These are just a few ideas, you may be able to think of many more.

Research clearly shows that happy and engaged staff improve productivity and this is directly linked to business growth and success. Motivated staff cause less problems in the workplace, leaving you to concentrate on running and expanding your business. Our Tax Paid Gift Cards provide an effective and stress free way for you to thank and reward your staff.

If you would like to us to provide you with personal quotation for our Tax Paid Gift Cards click here or you can email [email protected] for more information.

Angela Clay

A qualified employment law solicitor and our managing director, Angela has unparalleled legal expertise and decades of experience and knowledge to draw from. She’s a passionate speaker and writer that loves to keep employers updated with upcoming changes to legislation, and is a regular guest speaker on BBC Leicester Radio.

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