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eConnect FAQs

Are There User Guides to Help Me Navigate eConnect?

Our tailored HR software eConnect comes complete with a comprehensive set of guides on what we refer to as its ‘resource centre’. Simply log in, and you’ll have access to dozens of documents detailing every part of the program. 

Can I Store Employee Information and Documents on eConnect?

Yes! Our HR software saves you time, space and reams of paperwork thanks to its all-encompassing employee record. What’s more, you can be sure that your employee’s information is safe, protected and GDPR-compliant – as well as accessible anywhere to you – thanks to eConnect’s pioneering cloud-based storage. 

Can eConnect Create Personalised Contracts for my Business?

Yes! We can create custom contracts that are tailored specifically to your companies’ needs with our HR software systems. 

How Do My Employees Access Their Employment Contracts Through eConnect?

eConnect features a parallel system for employees – The Employment Handbook! While employers have access to all employee information through eConnect, The Employment Handbook is a handy portal for staff to access their contracts, employment policies and more, all while having that great cloud storage and information protection in line with GDPR. 

Can Contracts Be Signed Electronically on eConnect?

Yes! Rather than go through all the hassle of printing out documents and signing them manually, you can make use of our easy-to-use eSignature function. Once signed, the employer receives a notification confirming that the employee has signed their contract and then, a copy is automatically generated and saved to their employee record. Business owners will then always have ready access to the signed contract of employment. 

Can eConnect Help Me Manage Holidays and Absences?

Yes! With our top level of service, holiday and absence management comes completely free with the package. That said, you are still able to access holiday and absence management even with our other levels of service, all it takes is to add it on. Click here for more information. 

How Does eConnect’s Document Library and Editor Work?

You can choose from over 150 legally and GDPR-compliant templates in our vast document library, and edit online so that they fit your business style. You’re then able to use them in a whole host of different situations, from inviting employees to formal meetings to acknowledging written resignations and everything in between. Our HR software is a one-stop-shop for everything employers need. 

How Will eConnect’s Document Library & Editor Save Me Time?

eConnect’s huge collection of documents is easily navigable, with search parameters and filters which enable you to get the document you want, when you want it. Afterwards, it can then populate the template with all of the employee details in a heartbeat thanks to its wealth of employee data. In addition, thanks to eConnect’s draft facility, you can always save your document and return to it later. 

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