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Template Documents

As part of eConnect’s extensive range of services, the totally cloud-based Document Library is one of the best: with it, you can gain access to a vast library of over 150 legally compliant templates which cover everything from day-to-day HR and employment issues to formal meeting invitations all the way to resignation acceptance letters. 

These documents are always kept 100% up-to-date with current employment law, which means that you can be rest assured that whenever you use one of our templates in eConnect, you’ll always be compliant. 

What is the Document Library and Editor?

Our Document Library and Editor have been crafted to help you effortlessly manage your HR administration chores. This feature allows users to generate all HR-related letters and documents within eConnect – with the unique function to edit in real time –  sparing you time and simplifying your work. 

How does the Document Library and Editor Function?

We prioritise the GDPR compliance of our clients. Users can now eliminate the need to download and upload documents as everything is conveniently located in one spot! 

Clients have access to over 150 legal templates in our Document Library. These templates cover a broad spectrum of HR and employment scenarios, and you can even preview all the templates before you decide to use them to ensure they always meet your specific requirements. 

Custom Templates for Every Occasion

What’s more, you can even create bespoke documents exclusively for your business. These will only appear to you in the documents listed under the Company area. If you require any custom documents, simply get in touch with our dedicated team and we’ll set them up in no time.  

How Can the Document Library & Editor Save You Time? 

Finding a required document is a breeze, thanks to our list of templates which are grouped and filterable by category. Once you select the desired template, a viewing pane displays the real-time creation and updating of the document. As you navigate through the document’s creation, a prompt system ensures each section contains all the necessary information.

The Document Editor comes with an innovative feature that populates the template documents with the employee’s details drawn directly from their eConnect record, saving considerable time and effort.  

Our clients can also personalise documents to match their corporate style and preferences, such as adjusting formatting, utilising headed and branded paper and checking for spelling or grammatical errors. Thanks to the Document Editor’s draft facility, you can even save your work and return to complete it later. 

Safeguarding Your Business from Risk

At HR:4UK, our goal is to shield your business from risks and prevent potential employment tribunals. We provide a service that auto-emails certain documents, such as Dismissal or Gross Misconduct letters, to our team of Advisors at HR:4UK for approval before they are sent to employees. Once our advisors approve these documents, clients will receive a notification, and the document status within eConnect will be updated from “Waiting Approval” to “Approved”. After finalising and printing the document, it will be automatically added to the employee record under the history tab, saving you time and keeping your records systematically updated, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. 

HR:4UK is HR software that works for you.  

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